Good bye Typo, welcome Publify!

It’s been scratching us for a while now, and we finally did it: Typo is no more, long live Publify! There are many reasons why we changed your favorite blogware name, leaving behind us a 7 years old brand and not always glorious history.

Typo is a stupid name for a publishing tool

Typo took its name from a Typo Tobias made into his agenda, giving him a few hours to start coding the blogware that once powered Rails official blog, but let’s be honest, it’s a stupid name for a blogging engine, a really stupid one.

Making typos is not something you would expect when writing quality content, and we indeed expect our users to produce quality content. Typos make content look dumb and their producer look careless if not illiterate.

On the other hand, even though Publify may not be the best, most original name, it means what it should mean: something meant to publish, which is not so bad after all.

Typo is unsearchable

Open your favorite search engine, and look for typo. My bet is you won’t find many things related to Typo. If you’re lucky, our main site will come on first page, but I’m not even sure it will happen.

Google brings 65,300,000 results for Typo, most of them being related to typography, Publify has only 3460 entries. I’m sure you see the point, but finding resources for Publify will become easier as time goes.

There’s already a Typo3 publishing tool

There was a CMS called Typo3 long before Typo appeared. Typo3 is an enterprise CMS developed in PHP, and many people would make the confusion. Typo3 has been around for more than 10 years, and we did not mean to overlap on that name. It actually caused more problems that it solved, because many people were asking us about Typo3.

What about my content / theme / plugins ?

The old typo:code macros won’t work anymore. They’ve been replaced by the same publify:code macros. We’re providing a migration that makes your content work with publify:code.

Your old themes should still be working. If not, just replace all occurrences of TypoPlugins by PublifyPlugins, and all occurrences of Typo by Publify.

Your homemade plugins probably won’t work, because the TypoPlugins class they inherit from doesn’t exist anymore. To fix them, replacing TypoPlugins by PublifyPlugins in your code should do the trick. Don’t forget to restart your Publify blog after doing the changes.

That said, we’re now going to go back to work to release the first Publify version during the summer. Have a nice, sunny blogging.

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    by JohnP 07/09/2013 at 13h43


    Not being able to search for help has been a HUGE hassle.

    However, as a casual user checking if there was an upgrade to typo, my first “find” was the github location (I google for “typo rails”. The result with “fdv” looked familiar … so I clicked it. It would be handy if the 1st line of the file said - this is a name change from Typo to Publify. That would really help.

    Now … I need to check my upgrade path.

    BTW, thanks for all the hard work.

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    by gfgfgdf 22/08/2013 at 19h45


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    by Grach on Rails 22/08/2013 at 02h54

    Brilliant! Even want to invest in it self life time. Especially in terms of administration UI. I hope the project will continue to evolve. Thank you!

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    by Anthony 24/07/2013 at 03h33

    Good work guys, this is a great move! I’m new to Rails and a few months ago was trying to find a blogging platform built on Rails. Was having huge troubles finding info about Typo due to how generic the name was.

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    by Luc 10/07/2013 at 14h27

    As a TYPO3 experienced user, I can only agree on what your saying about our CMS.

    This said, I think “Publify” is quite a good name for a blogging tool. Even if you’re already 7 years old, wish you all the best and live long for Publify :)


    P.S. : You made a typo at TYPO3, it’s all uppercase ;)

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